People are not complicated - they wish they could be.

Many a person I know or see try to act like they’re this multi-dimensional, complex being.

In reality, they’re quite the opposite.

People and their behaviors are so easy to predict once you have enough context to the event, and background on the person. If this wasn’t the case sciences like Psychology and Sociology would never be able to exist.

As people, we fear so much being predictable and transparent to others. One of the greatest sins of life is to have your actions and thoughts predicted. We apparently all want to be casual James Bonds of our worlds.

The reality is everyone I’ve ever come across that has tried to self-label as “complicated” was so painfully predictable in almost every facet of their life.

My personal peeve with it is when said people then try to act like they weren’t following their original plan. All of a sudden when I predict their current action, the justification for it is just slightly different than it previously was.

I don’t find anything wrong about being predictable. I’m as predictable as they come. Humans are predictable, acknowledge and improve on that information.

This “friend” of mine just got tight at me for not inviting him to a party…

… specifically, he said that he now knows he “can’t be fucking with me the way he was.”

Right dude. Totally ignore how many times I’ve bought you drinks / lit you up (and accepted you never really lighting me up back…) / helped you carry heavy ass rims to your apartment from your car after you arrived 2 hours later than you said you would for us to chill / etc.

Is it just me, or has social network made people so self-obsessed, they don’t know when to think about others? Or be a good friend? Maybe it’s a generation Y thing.

Maybe I’m just bad at picking people to fuck with.

Met a 65 year old man in the gym today…

He was telling me about his friend who’s 95, a Holocaust survivor, and apparently sharp as a pin in the mind. 

That’s my goal for when I get old. I want to be that old guy that can still powerlift (or at least stay active) and is bright as shit from all my experiences and exposure.

The biggest waste in life isn’t a mind, it’s the Human Experience. YOLO right? So why waste it being numbed by television, when you could spend it experiencing what it means to be a living breathing creature of intelligence.

Let’s go!


Don’t unnecessarily create them in your own life.

Overcome the devils with a thing called love. — Bob Marley (via spanishcapslock)

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I know it might be tough but just move on. It’s just a chapter in the past, but don’t close the book—just turn the page. Who know how the story might end?

The weed sittin’ does have meaning

In the U.S. for sure, weed gets the biggest bum rap. It’s a never dying but frequently killed martyr for every one’s bad ingrained habits or terrible personality traits. When people feel like they’re going through rough interactions with their world or the people in it (bad grades, poor performance at work, failing relationships) many love to blame the ganja. And then tout that their elimination of it from their life will be the catalyst for this well needed, all saving change. “If I stop smoking I’ll get better grades in school.” “If I stop smoking I’ll make more sales at work.” “If I stop smoking maybe then our relationship will be fine.” Clearly we’re hoping that the elimination of a natural source of something therapeutic will solve these problems that are deeply related to traits in our personality or poor routine habits. Perhaps it’s human nature to take the blame off ourselves onto something already shaded as deviant. This makes weed, an all too common yet all too criminalized plant, the easiest target for displaced ideas or feelings of inadequacy.

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