Ganja, Vaporizers, and Hurricanes today

Irene Survival Kit

- Gram of Weed

- 9 Cans of Tuna

- Bottle of Wray and Nephew

- Multiple bags of munchies

- 100 Pack of Condoms

We’re ready.

I’m going to the Beach tomorrow.

First time for the summer.

Jah help me I will be completely stoned and irie for that experience.

And probably a little chubby.

It was so cold this morning

It should be illegal for a work-study job to require that you work outdoors and not supply you with adequate seasonal clothing or uniforms. My hands almost froze off today, with my gloves on.

Perfect indoor weed smoking weather

I dunno about you, but I think what I hated the most about Winter was freezing my nips off every time I wanted to ciph anything but the vape in my room.

Not that the extreme opposite is any better. I do recall those summer days having to turn off the A.C. to open the window and melt for a bit. Certainly I had the fan running but with 5 to 8 people in a bedroom, the heat builds regardless.

Right now is perfect. Warm enough to not freeze, and cool enough to not melt.

Hope everyone’s taking advantage of it. :D

49 degrees?! I’m going to school in a t-shirt tomorrow! That’s it! Don’t look at me like I’m crazy, yall! We both know Alejandro, Roberto, and Julio are going to be outside their buildings playing dominoes in wife beaters, white socks, and adidas slippers! I won’t be the only extreme mofo out there! — LMAO. But c’mon, it’s NYC. Ya’ll know it’s true.

Frozen tires don’t flip.

Omg my hands. They’re only now regaining feeling.

Yeah so I didn’t know tires filled with frozen water were SO much more heavier than tires filled with water.

That tire wouldn’t flip. And I’m much more cold for trying so hard to make it do so.

Lesson learned.