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So glad I found this. My friends told me to listen to this guy’s music for a while. He’s a Jewish man that does very Rastafari style reggae. Makes sense, since our belief system and the Jewish belief system share more similarities than differences.

New discovery while at work!

Security Video Captures Argentina train crash

It was so cold this morning

It should be illegal for a work-study job to require that you work outdoors and not supply you with adequate seasonal clothing or uniforms. My hands almost froze off today, with my gloves on.

I can only work at (read: stand) this instutition for so long…

I recently completed a Release Candidate video for a local college, documenting the “life” of their student-athletes.

At least that’s what I thought they wanted. After screening the video for one half of my clients (I say one half because although the college’s administration are my clients, I was also working very closely with an athletics director who I feel deserves some control over what’s in the video describing people that serve in his department) I realized that wasn’t the goal at all.

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I interviewed someone today

A student athlete at a local college. Pretty interesting!

I was recently “contracted” by the college’s administration to prepare a training video for their staff that interacts with students. The training is done per semester, and this semester’s training focuses on the student athlete experience.

The ideal goal for the video: to facilitate education on the experience, issues, and needs of student athletes on this college’s campus.

Although I’ve been shooting for a week, today’s interview hit the gold. I sat down with one of the college’s Football team receivers, in their more-than-snazzy locker room. But don’t let that short description fool you, the stories I was told wasn’t as triumphant.

Due to this sake for confidentiality, instilled in me by my psychology studies, I won’t go into details on what the person said (lest he be identifiable against his desires). But one thing I can let you know is that student apathy has become a far bigger issue on this campus than I think anyone else realizes. Although administrators have complained about student apathy towards athletics on campus, it seems that the problem’s effect on student-to-student-athlete relations, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and student-athlete affect have yet to be fully comprehended.

Only further interviews will determine if my hypothesis holds weight or not. If it does, I can only hope the administration of this college accepts and takes into consideration my suggestions.

Sucks not having a Ph.D to backup all your thoughts.

It’s hard to tell some clients that they suck

If there’s a place in hell for people that feel obliged to free services from artists, there’s a place a notch higher for clients that commission work at low rates and make the artists job a living hell trying to complete the project.

Unless you’re paying me a $500 Director and Manager’s fee, as a client you need to be just as hands on with the project as I am. Which means location and talent scouting, and prop provision.

Similarly, as a client, you can’t strut a loose change budget as a “Gold Card”: Unless you’re investing real bucks into your project, don’t tell me you want it perfect or you’re not paying. You’ll get it as I can manage to provide it with your loose change budget.

And finally, if you’re already paying loose change, don’t nitpick at my contracts. I have no agenda to take down anyone’s non-established music empire. Contracts are just to protect me and you from lawsuits/payment disagreements. If you want to irritate a videographer, pay him a shoe string budget and then nitpick at his contract as if he’s trying to scam you.

So yes client, that’s why your project was dropped. Because when I realized you had little respect for the conditions I was working with, and little motivation to assist with or monitor your own project regularly, I decided to move on to clients that actually gave a fuck.

No hard feelings.

I know I film

I know I film



This is awesome haha