You know, raised payroll taxes aren’t that bad.

We were gonna pay that shit when tax season came around anyway. The Dems and the GOP just need to stop trying to turn everything into a pissing match this year. More so the GOP.

Sacrificing social and education programs is the equivalent of taxing the poor and middle class

Some people are wholeheartedly against taxing the wealthy, but fine with budget cuts to social and education programs. We don’t often think of this as taxation the same way we think of income taxation, but in reality it’s very similar. When we tax the wealthy, we take what is essentially excess and non-essential income. When we cut social and education programs we take from those that already have little to give. We also take from them in a way that can’t be fixed through better investment strategies or better income appropriations. We take the already limited opportunities they have for success and healthy livelihood, while the wealthy hardly suffer as they are completely capable of affording alternatives to public education and welfare.