I’d like to change this to 30% workout, 50% diet, 20% sleep!

I’d like to change this to 30% workout, 50% diet, 20% sleep!

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No pain, no gain (?)

Strained my back doing 455lbs shrugs: Got distracted and didn’t secure my back well enough during the lift.

Got exertion migraines doing dynamic Deadlifts at 265 for 13 reps. Probably because I haven’t done a Deadlift in weeks until last week. @_@

Considering the shit I’ve heard/seen happen to some Powerlifters, I’ll count myself fortunate.

Post-workout meal

  1. Whey Protein + Diet Supplements
  2. Rice Cake (or two!)
  3. Banana
  4. Cup of OJ
  5. Bowl of ganja

Pain killing, muscle feeding time!

People feel themselves too much at some of the gyms I visit

Constantly infatuated with their image in the mirror.

C’mon, you have the privacy of your own home to do that. Get in, do your job, and get the fuck out.

It’s like studying at the library and having someone take an entire booth for the sole purpose of astutely scratching their head and tapping their chin while leering at a book.

I’m cutting down after Grad School is done

I’d probably do it sooner but I’ve figured I won’t be able to find the time to add cardio, or do a carb rotation program that allows for adequate recovery while attending Grad School part-time and working full-time.

But by the time I graduate I’ll be 24. Prime time to start re-considering the health sides to this eat-everything-I-find-with-protein-and-calories powerlifting diet I’ve been on. And I’m kinda-sorta missing the days when I used to have definition (don’t let the other powerlifters hear that…).

I used to be able to cut down to 175 when I was really young and still doing teen Bodybuilding. I’m currently 270 doing Powerlifting. I’d be curious to see what I’d look like at 230 while Powerlifting.

Woot, got 330 lbs out of my Bench Press!

I had a spotter there of course, the psychology of knowing I won’tkill myself this afternoon makes a big difference.

And what a difference a confident spotter can make. Jittery spotters fuck up my mindset during prep. I shouldn’t have to convince you that you can spot the weight, I can lift 270 on my own comfortably. Clearly most of the 330 is accounted for.

I’m always hesitant though to believe spotters when they say it was “all you” but I fought hard enough with that 330 that I’ll accept it. I’m not competing, I don’t need to know this will impeccably pass with the judges.

Did my Deadlift 1RM today.

If all that the deadlift required of me was to pick up the weight from the ground with my legs, the 515 pound lift I did would have been fine. But unfortunately my grip is involved. That was my weak point this time. I half-lost grip of the weight at the bottom of the left while coming back down.

Between my grip and my legs, I’m constantly rotating between fixing these components of the deadlift. One’s always failing when the other succeeds. I wish they would get on the same damn schedule already.

Failed at setting a new PR for my Squat

Spectacularly failed to even reach 350 with my Squat Max, while I intended to break into the 400s today. Come from every lost battle with a strategy for victory. I’ve already begun reassessing technique and contemplating program modifications to help. My problem is getting that damn weight out of the hole. And having the balls to go into the hole quickly in the first place. Gotta work on those.

I wish I didn’t lift weights

…because my doctor thinks I’m obese, as she refuses to use her eyes beyond looking at a BMI chart that says 256 is “obese” for 5’11.