President Obama and Romney: Why we need to Love and Hate them

I don’t know which I saw more of last night, people actually delighted/angry over what was said during the debates or people riding in on tall horses declaring that no one without at least five years of Post-Ph.D experience in Political Science is qualified to even observe the event, let alone pick a side.

Personally I’m just as jaded as the others. For those of us a bit entrenched in the socio-political sphere, last night bordered an insult to our intelligence. Considering how the campaigns have gone, and how informed the side comments have been from both candidates, I had no doubt that last night was just going to be an extension of the theater show we’ve been watching for almost nine months. It all culminated in what was an inaccurate, punch-line stuffed, sad portrayal of what used to be a fine debate system.

I still can’t bring myself to shit on people for interest in politics. Even if every time I saw a pro-Obama or (especially) pro-Romney comment (or worse: one of those “both candidates did so well!” posts) I felt a bit of my hope get trampled, I can still see the need to get people involved and caring. If a debate between two differently tinted mirrors gets people caring, then so be it.

The political system we have today in the U.S. is as fucked up as it is because we made politics a boring sport of white men. The inability for most people, especially those that are young, to relate to the players and events in politics has kept a population in reoccurring ignorance. Only the elite few, the social scientists and the big fish, seem to hold the information necessary to realize what is truly happening behind the scenes. The Media Corporation, whether you accept the idea that they are a reflection of our inner desires or argue that they shape the conversation as they see fit, has given up on keeping the population informed on issues of depth and concern. This has allowed egregious violations or our rights by politicians in various issues dealing with economics and social interaction.

The only way to reverse this, as with so many other issues of our time, is to recenter the control of knowledge among and for the people. But for that to happen, the people have to realize why they should actually care enough to demand it. And if the start of that process is to get people emotionally invested in a debate between mirrors, then lets start there. As with most things, you crawl before you realize the gift of running.

A day after Obama finally decides his “personal” opinion on Gay Marriage….

… I’m still wondering why the fuck do I ever hope for politicians to be humans?

Like really. This should have been handled years ago.

And anyone that didn’t already guess Obama probably was in favor of gay marriage was probably living under a rock or blind.

Sometimes you need to really say fuck politics and stand by some convictions. That used to be at least one defining characteristic of a statesman. If Obama from day one, year one said he was in support of gay marriage this wouldn’t have become the center of the 2012 election season. And his ignorant, homophobic supporters would have gotten over it by now. The few he has.