Crimes of more consequence, including murder and rape, rose significantly in some of the city’s highest pot arrest precincts. This rise in crime was over the same period as the NYPD’s rise in pot arrest rates, and occurred virtually only in communities of color.

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Kentucky Dorm Illigal Raid By Police Caught On Tape

And the world just got a whole lot harder for Cops without morals.

The impact of Stop and Frisk on #NYC

The impact of Stop and Frisk on #NYC


withathousandwordsunspoken asked: Ah yes, thanks for explaining. I was truely curious. Of course there are other ways then selling weed to make ends meet. Perhaps people should start looking at other options. There are tons of government programs and group homes for people in need. They could even start up a lawn buisness or do some kind of labor. But of course, that is just my biasness talking, working with the sheriffs department and all.

I understand how that may be more prevalent in a suburban neighborhood, but in urban environments, especially dense ones like NYC, self-employment by legal means is costly, highly controlled by city government, and open to numerous costly liabilities and start up expenses. Government programs hardly suffice when you live in a city that is 4X more expensive than the rest of the country, and group homes are crowded and honestly more concerned about people deeply entrenched in generational poverty. And of course, living in a city, lawns don’t really exist, lol. All of this, of course, is not even with the complications of racial background and geographic bias in the city. The weed market is, sadly, a lot more easy to enter and perpetuate option. I think giving people that are in these positions options to get entry into livable wage employment might be the best strategy on a shallow level.

One of my friends is defending the actions of the #NYPD officers in the Empire State Building shooting

First, let me say, I’m down for supporting cops that do their job well and seek to ensure safety and suppress violent crime with minimal impact to the lives of civilians.

I can’t excuse putting nine other people in jeopardy for the sake of protecting yourself from the threat of getting shot (not actually getting shot), as a police officer.

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