Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman because he was black. George Zimmerman—who has finally been arrested—may have pulled the trigger, but 250 years of legal racial slavery, 100 years of legalized discrimination when slavery ended, under a system called Jim Crow, and 40 years of institutionalized, so-called “color-blind” racism, is what provided the gun and cocked it in the first place. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

'Weapons-free zones' bill introduced (via State Street Wire)

This bill assumes that the problem with gun control in Newark and Camden, NJ is
the lack of strong gun laws. Maybe attacking the economic and social
problems would be more effective, giving residents less of a reason to turn
to Black Market economies and therefore less need for illegal weapons. Or
perhaps target the means of getting weapons into the state. Stronger
legislation is effective in the presence of no or weak legislation. When
guns are already heavily illegal it doesn’t help to make them more illegal.
And when the motives for possessing a gun are so intertwined with the need
to survive, little punishment can hold more weight.

TRENTON – A bill has been introduced to allow towns to adopt “weapons
free’’ zones around schools, day care centers and other facilities.

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Damn, what the fuck crack can do

After watching the video from the Septa bus shooting, all I can think of is how badly crack fucked up Black America.

The way one relates to the other is sadly simple. Anywhere drug black markets go, so does violence. Compound that with poverty and unemployed young men and you’ll get an enormous demand for weapons in the same black market. The result is a lot of people going through the normal rigors of puberty, with the access to firearms. Knowing how impulsive hormonal teens are as is, the result only becomes more deadly with the addition of a weapon as a “solution” to problems.

Fast forward a few decades and you get the generations that learned to use those same methods to solve problems. A sibling society in action. That’s why you get people that think it’s O.K. to do things like this.



This is awesome haha