Kentucky Dorm Illigal Raid By Police Caught On Tape

And the world just got a whole lot harder for Cops without morals.

Rantings (and hopefully insight) of a student of social science.

There used to be a time when graduating from college meant you were smart. Something about crops and their cream, the knees of bees, and the future of the U.S.’ power.
Now you can barely get a job with a Bachelor’s degree. And when you do, there’s feelings of regression as your employer treats you as they would a high school student. Would you be surprised to hear though that I can’t even blame them?
Lets face it, there’s hardly anything resembling the ideal image of what we were told a college graduate used to be anymore. Because of the recession many of us have been forced to return home to live with our parents, only reinforcing the culture of perpetual childhood. Reality television never fails to remind us that there’s plenty of 20 to 30 year olds that still can’t get their shit together, so why should we feel bad if we can’t get ours together either? And of course social media has given us a wonderful outlet to escape the realities of the world around us, either for a few minutes between priorities at work or for hours while we remain unemployed in bed. I love Generation Y, but we were robbed of our intellect and our unique (but hopefully not last) opportunity to make significant progress in the world.
At the base of this problem, I want to highlight Higher Education. Getting a degree just doesn’t mean shit anymore.

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I start Business School tomorrow…

In pursuit of an MBA, what’s supposed to be the beginning of the loss of my social life and possibly my sanity for the next two years.

Ah well, lets make the most out of it.

The Welfare Myth

Statistics about the welfare drug test system in Florida recently came out. Turns out only 2.6% of welfare users were caught with any type of drugs in their system. If this asserts anything, it’s that the idea that welfare users are more prone to drug addiction than the general population is entirely wrong. The idea that we need to police them more than the general population with drug testing is also wrong.

Maybe even more universally sickening than any of this is that tax payer money, yes almost $120,000 of it, went towards this program. It saved the state less than $100,000. More precisely, it saved the state $72,360 in welfare fraud. Yes, the math is correct: drug testing welfare recipients to find ways to save funding by withdrawing assistance actually cost the state of Florida more than allowing these recipients to continue to be on the program.

Not to mention a good amount of non-violent drug users were just booted off a program they desperately needed.

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Going to Baruch’s Zicklin School of Biz…

Getting myself an MBA in Marketing. Very excited. Very scared. Lets see how it goes!