It’s hard to tell some clients that they suck

If there’s a place in hell for people that feel obliged to free services from artists, there’s a place a notch higher for clients that commission work at low rates and make the artists job a living hell trying to complete the project.

Unless you’re paying me a $500 Director and Manager’s fee, as a client you need to be just as hands on with the project as I am. Which means location and talent scouting, and prop provision.

Similarly, as a client, you can’t strut a loose change budget as a “Gold Card”: Unless you’re investing real bucks into your project, don’t tell me you want it perfect or you’re not paying. You’ll get it as I can manage to provide it with your loose change budget.

And finally, if you’re already paying loose change, don’t nitpick at my contracts. I have no agenda to take down anyone’s non-established music empire. Contracts are just to protect me and you from lawsuits/payment disagreements. If you want to irritate a videographer, pay him a shoe string budget and then nitpick at his contract as if he’s trying to scam you.

So yes client, that’s why your project was dropped. Because when I realized you had little respect for the conditions I was working with, and little motivation to assist with or monitor your own project regularly, I decided to move on to clients that actually gave a fuck.

No hard feelings.