Stop and Frisk: Race vs Weapons found comparison

There’s a possibility the Feds will be investigating the #NYPD’s stop and frisk policy

I for one, am glad we’re making progress to an age where a Federal judge can conceive of ills arising from over-policing and profiling minorities.

My first NORML meeting

You aren’t a true pot lover until you go to a NORML meeting.

Ok that isn’t true, but it is something different than a ciph! At least I got that impression.

I went to my first NORML meeting, which also happened to be the construction meeting for the first NYC NORML chapter, last Wednesday. It was an interesting scene. Walking in you notice right off the bat that the people have few physical traits in common (Aside from the fact that they were mostly white. That sucked. Considering who’s suffering the most from NYC pot policy, it would have been nice to see some more Black and Hispanic folk). Any stereotypes you had of the common smoker would have probably been shattered walking through the door (aside from this one “Rastafari” woman, who seemed more eccentric than Rasta to me), if not at that point then when the introductions happened. They crowd varied so much, from practicing Lawyers and MA holders to university statistic students and nonprofit employees. We all did have one thing in common I figured out: We knew the NYC marijuana law or seen its effects in action, and wanted it changed.

Now when and how is the question.

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