This reeks of so many frames of color blind racism and justification for it. First, there’s always that prefix to every racist sentiment, ever. It’s a stereotypical white power-holder phrase: “I’m not racist… but Affirmative action isn’t needed.” “I’m not racist… but black and white people shouldn’t live together.” It’s a flag that the following statement, will probably be racist. Next, the oxymoronic statements, this linguistic confusion is typical of two things especially. First whites discussion of racial matters, because race has been made into such a taboo subject that whites normally don’t feel comfortable discussing it. It’s demonstrated that Blacks normally don’t display this much linguistic confusion while discussing race. Second, it’s a sign that the information being presented DOESN’T make sense, and this is a reflection of the total ignorance of race relations common among whites (more so white men, apparently).

This person traps themselves into their ultimate label of being at least racially insensitive by resorting back to Jim Crow vocabulary (friends with “negroes” not African Americans or even Blacks) and justification of discrimination. The normal fall back of blaming the victim is very present as the person resorts to describing a situation where “negroes” enslaved each other. As if this minimizes the damage of the system of American Slavery that existed, or removes responsibility/guilt from those that took part in it.

Finally, the “my friend is a negro” comment is hilarious. Studies have found that these “friendships” with blacks are usually highly blown out of proportion, for the sake of supporting this idea that the person isn’t “racist.” The fact is, with deeper analysis these “friendships” are exposed as being usually very shallow. Activities shared by most people using this justification are shared most often with an almost exclusively white peer group. The black friend is literally an acquaintance that can be brought up when need be to demonstrate a non-racist tolerance for blacks. I’d be interested to interview this person to reveal how badly racist his ideologies are.

For your entertainment, below is the person’s answer to the above “question.”

stfuconfederates Said:

Ok. We’ll start with my hatred for the South. I was born in Virginia and still live in Virginia, and I was raised by Confederate flag-waving white supremacists. I love the South, and I love my family, but that doesn’t keep me from disagreeing with something that’s wrong. So to stereotype all Southerners would be somewhat silly for me-a southerner- but I have no problem with admitting when I’m being racist, which does happen.

Now: Your ancestors didn’t treat slaves any worse than they treated their children? What the fuck is wrong with you?? Claiming that you have the right to own someone because of their race is mindlessly racist and oppressive and do you really believe that being a slave was being forced to work for money? The only money exchanged in slavery was when slaves were purchased. Slaves. Didn’t. Get. Paid. That’s sort of… in the definition of slavery.

Slavery would have died from natural causes in some way? You do realize that in the Confederate Constitution an amendment was added to ensure the supposed right to own people forever. Saying that slavery would’ve eventually ended is ridiculous when actual historical fact shows that there was a widespread effort to keep that from happening.

Also I really have no idea where you’re getting any of your facts from but from what I can recall, the largest slave holding in 1860 was Joshua Ward with over 1000 slaves. And do I really have to point out that he was white? No, I’d really love to know your sources, actually.

This is my favorite part:

My best friend is even negro.

Can I talk to him? Does he have a Tumblr? Please direct me to your ‘negro’ best friend so I can have proof once and for all that you’re not racist. But that’s not how it works. Your wife and children could be ‘negro’ and that doesn’t for one second make you any less racist. Now I don’t necessarily recall saying that you were racist in the past, but this whole clusterfuck of ignorant asks pretty much ensures that you are.

Also, ignorance isn’t an excuse. Not after somebody has pointed out to you that what you’re saying is offensive and wrong. There’s nothing wrong with knowing your heritage or, to some degree, honoring your ancestors. But there’s no justification for honoring what they stood for if what they stood for was wrong.


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